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May 07, 2012



Great and simple advice by allen Morgan to pitching Entrepreneurs: Make Two Presentation Decks
I can't agree more.

Jasbir Singh

In addition, sometimes I have found that a voice recording in a deck can convey story in your own way and can help explain finer points in a more controlled fashion. Not sure as to how many folks really have patience to listen through a narration though.

Matt Cohen

The challenge I've seen is keeping two decks up to date - does this work well for your companies?

Another suggestion I've seen is to put text in the notes and email out a PDF of the Notes Pages. An example:




Great advice even for other presentations. As a regular presenter I like to use the notes function below slides to prepare my presenter comments in context. These notes can easily be used to prepare the more wordy version of a slide deck.

Allen Morgan

Good tip to know. thanks for sharing.

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