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January 29, 2008




I am sure you will do great things at the NYT.

The Insta Book

The Insta Book,Such a good Information on your site. thanks .


Congratulations. Always great to see a VC offer transparency!


I'm not sure if you really want to keep all of the contents on that letter online for display.

Other than that, congratulations.


Hi, I landed on your page after seeing your personal investment in Lookery. Congrats!

However, I have a question regarding this particular NYT post. Here it goes:

I'm trying to understand what exactly is the correlation between you looking to join the NYT Board and Mayfield? Maybe I'm wrong, but, if you have zero interest than why would you do it? Afterall, you're a VC and should be looking for your next deal,right? Or am I mistaken? Or is Firebrand a LP in a Mayfield fund. Or is it the prestige of joining a great American institution such as the NYT.
Sorry, if I'm missing the obvious reason.

Again, congrats on the investment

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