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June 09, 2008


Alan Steele

I'm not an expert in this area (unless you count having lost some money on IWOV some years ago), but I have heard enough good things about Drupal, and have seen enough community and developer involvement around it, to think that that there's something there. I would encourage you to dig deeper on Drupal if you are investigating this space.

Dave Toole

My team has been working with Drupal with one of our properties called Ourmedia. The open source community is strong and getting stronger as well as connecting in with other open source capabilities like WordPress. We are migrating to Drupal 6.0 with a great deal of support with modular development and testing from the developer community so we can we support our community of over 150,000 digital content producer members.


totally agree with you!

Harry Singh

I'm yet to find the best CMS :(


I've tried many different blog/CMS apps, wordpress, movable types, text pattern, etc... all of them loosing market to Drupal. Drupal has a strong following plus a very dynamic/active developer community. Big sites are using Drupal successfully now... some people say Drupal is not scalable, but that's only because they don't know how to scale drupal or any other app. At the end of the day Drupal is far superior than any of the above choices... Now, vignette, that's a whole different monster... I remember a buddy of mine was trying to roll it out at his company, took a year before they decided to throw it away... way too complex.

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