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August 03, 2009


Gabriel Gunderson

Take this blog, 3 Javascript files and 7 in-line bits of Javascript. So, yeah, it's pretty much here to stay. Makes the web a better and more useful place :)

My 2 cents,

P.S. Seeing Flash get somewhat displaced is great!

Scott Rafer

For rich UI experiences Flash and JS are about the only choices. One is largely within the control of the site owner (JS) and the other isn't. Control wins when there's no reason to give it up. It's the main reason why native video will displace Flash players over time.


One of the reasons is because of its ease of use more developers are relying on JS for animation instead of Flash. Another reason is that Flash content cannot be indexed by Google whereas JS content can. There's an article with an overview on this issue at http://topcweb.com/content/site-animation-javascript-libraries-vs-flash

recursos humanos peru

I must add that an important factor also is the objective of the project to be able to choose between one or the other technology

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