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August 06, 2009



What about Google docs? This has similar hybrid approach to what you suggest. Master Document that can be eddited by more that one person at a time. It also has the google chat on the side.

Ryan Berryman

Hi Allen,

I think Google Wave represents what you may be looking for. http://wave.google.com/

This platform allows for the real-time benefits of email, IM, etc. while retaining the concept of an evolving document / conversation with change tracking.

Lisa Hjorten

We have developed a collaborative reporting platform with the first application, InvestorUpdate. The genesis of the product was the complete lack of communications I received from my own (not very successful) angel investments. Since then, we realized the need for collaborative reporting is much broader than any specific vertical, so soon releasing a configurable version.

Our platform can also be described as demand-driven content creation. In other words, you are not asking for a group of people to contribute their thoughts and ideas on a topic, you are requesting specific pieces of information from specific individuals. This is then routed through a schedule-driven approval and editing process then distributed to stakeholders. In this way, you get exactly what you want rather than having to sift through a lot of random information and then extracting what you need.

Would be interested in your feedback. www.informia.com

Melissa R.

Fyi, Facebook "co-founder" Dusting Moskovitz working on Asana (www.asana.com), problem solved (I hope). Next!

PS: ugh, I know I'm so late in responding to this.

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