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August 07, 2011


Mark MacLeod @startupcfo

I am definitely in the camp that wants to meet entrepreneurs as early as possible. Suster put it well. I think entrepreneurs should intro themselves to VCs before they need money and socialize the team and idea so that they have a qualified prospect list when they do raise. Also, by meeting VCs before you can accelerate credibility building by i.) telling them what you're going to do; and ii.) come back after and hopefully you've done what you said you would.


Nice post Allen.

I can see it equally from either point of view really, but I'm inclined to agree more with Kenneth and BFeld. If during an informal encounter an entrepreneur is having an off day and makes a bad impression, well that's unfortunate but also human nature. Personally, I like to see people over time and under varying pressures to learn about how they react to new situations. Can they pick their head up quickly? Identify when they've done something counterproductive? Identify when they've done something hugely beneficial? Etc.


web design Landon

I focused in the post. For a great VC like Mark, the costs may outweigh the benefits. If you have a hot deal, however, Mark will behave like any other smart, rational investor and react only to competitive pressures...

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